Christopher Williams

My Every-Day Carry (EDC) Kit

I've been asked a few times recently about my every-day carry equipment, so I'm providing the full list here.

  • Pistol: Smith and Wesson M&P Shield
    • Apex Shield Carry Kit
    • Viking Tactical VTAC Sights
    • 7 round magazine
    • Winchester Bonded PDX1 9mm +P
  • Extra Magazine: M&P Shield 8 ...

Arch Linux Full-disk-encryption with Yubikey

When using LUKS with Arch Linux, I had some difficulty getting my Yubikey to work for entering the passphrase. I solved this problem once and then promptly forgot the solution, so this time I'm writing it down. The key is that the block and keyboard hooks must be before ...

Django Subdomain Middleware with CNAME Support

For a personal project (details forthcoming), I've been trying to have separate subdomains for accounts and allow some of these accounts to have CNAME support. So, if I have an account cwilliams, my data should be available at I could also add as ...

Automating your TV downloads with SABnzbd+ and Sick Beard

Why bother with a DVR when you can get your computer to automatically download TV shows soon after they air? By using a few open-source tools and a Usenet account (yeah, I know, don't talk about Usenet), you can build such a system quite easily. Naturally, it works best ...